OK, we know Apple is not going to make a 4.5″-screen phone for sure, so it’s going to be a phone with 4″ screen. Some blogs are saying that the resolution will be 640×1136 only because the width of the screen is not going to be changed. Well, according to rumors, Apple is going to use a completely different screen (Sharp or Toshiba), so the resolution (ppi) doesn’t have to be the same to match iPhone 4/4S.I predict it’s going to be a 4″ screen with 720×1280 pixels. Why? Simply because this will match the iTunes 720p content pixel-to-pixel while having even more ppi than the predecessor. We’ll see.

To fix this behavior open Kaspersky Security Center

Expand “Administration Server” -> “Managed computers”

Click on a group name

Select Policies on top

Select policy in the list

Click “General Settings” on the right under “Protection”

In the opened window under “Monitored ports” click “Settings…”

In the list of monitored ports uncheck port HTTP (80) , click OK, then one more time click OK on policy and restart computer

Network ports