To fix this behavior open Kaspersky Security Center

Expand “Administration Server” -> “Managed computers”

Click on a group name

Select Policies on top

Select policy in the list

Click “General Settings” on the right under “Protection”

In the opened window under “Monitored ports” click “Settings…”

In the list of monitored ports uncheck port HTTP (80) , click OK, then one more time click OK on policy and restart computer

Network ports


Here are steps to uninstall and re-install the monitoring component on Small Business Server 2003:

1. Open Windows Explorer, right click the folder c:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Monitoring, click Permission tab, and then check if the <domain name>\Administrator group has the Full Control permission.  If it is not in the Access Control List, please add it.

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This problem occurs when you install or reinstall Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 directly from Windows Small Business Server 2003 CD 2 instead of using the integrated Windows Small Business Server 2003 Setup program. The Setup program for Exchange Server 2003 configures Windows to wait 10 minutes for the Exchange services to stop running before it shuts down. This 10-minute time-out is appropriate for Exchange servers on an enterprise network, where the Exchange databases generally take longer to shut down. However, for smaller organizations, this 10-minute time-out is longer than is necessary. Therefore, the Windows Small Business Server 2003 Setup program reduces the time-out value to two minutes.
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